How To Apply a Cut

  • Step 1 - Locate Cut Path


    Setup the vector cut line to fit the desired path.  Try to eliminate any unnecessary points or jagged edges.

    It’s easiest to make a copy of the cut and move the cut layer to the front of the artwork.

    Download Sample Here:


  • Step 2 - Setup Cut Swatch

    Cut Swatch Palette

    Find your Swatch panel in Illustrator (View > Swatches). Click New Swatch on palette. Match settings to this image and your good to go.

  • Step 3 - Apply Cut to Shape


    Drag your newly created swatch to the shape you made in step 1.

    You now have a file that we can cut from!

  • Step 4 - Apply Bleed



    Your not done yet. You need to apply some bleed to the underlying artwork so that you we don’t have any mishaps. We recommend at least a 10px or 1/16″ outline for best results.

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